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Frequently Asked Questions for Veterans and Families

1.  Do you have your DD214 or discharge papers? If not, the following webpages can help you with that process.

If you do have your DD214, great.  Proceed to question #2.
If you do not have your DD214, you can obtain one through the VA or through the National Archives

2.  Are you receiving any disability from the VA?  Are you Service Connected?

If you want to make a claim, fill out an “Intent to file” first with the VA. This process saves the date for any back pay that may be awarded and gives you 1 year to submit any evidence for your claim.   Learn more and start your claim.

3.  Can I file my disability claim online with E-benefits or with VA.GOV?

Yes you can, there is nothing wrong with filing your claim online, but I highly suggest that you utilize any Veteran Service Organization with an accredited Service Officer. Many are chartered by congress and are established to be your advocate with the claims process and they are a free service for you.

4.  Do you know the components of the Department of Veterans Affairs and what each component does?


Veterans Benefits Administration       (VBA)      800-827-1000

Veterans Health Care Administration (VHA)      877-222-8387

Vet Centers                                                        877-927-8387

Department of Veterans Affairs Website

5.  What are other important VA phone numbers?

Additional VA Helpful Phone Numbers

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